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Frank’s Gourmet Hotdogs Project

     Frankenstein’s monster is back with a vengeance, and he’s here… to serve gourmet hotdogs. Frank’s Gourmet Hotdogs is a creative branding project created from scratch. The idea for the project was to create a food truck experience that had such unique branding, people would try it for the aesthetics and theming alone. Frank’s is a play on an older slang term for hotdogs, franks. This branding was designed to be fun and outrageous. It was crucial for the look and feel of the food truck to be something most people haven’t seen before. The main menu items are all named in a creative way as another form of memorable branding. Brand swag was also created as another form of income for the company.

Frank's Menu Board Left Side
Frank's Menu Board Right SIde
Frank's Gourmet Hotdogs Merchandice

Part of the project included creating additional means of income for the brand. A natural pairing to a themed dining experience is branded merch; which itself doubles as advertising.

Frank's Gourmet Hotdogs Uniform Apron

In addition to the branded swag, aprons were created as a way to keep the staff looking cohesive. Working in food truck enviornments can be uncomfortable enough without a uniform. This gives employees more flexibilty with their apparell.


Crisp Ellert Art Museum Branding Project

     There is a little known secret at Flagler College in St. Augustine; the Crisp Ellert Art Museum. The Crisp Ellert Art Museum is a Flagler College building that showcases work from students and professional artists alike. The on-campus building has hosted several shows for students, faculty, and outside artists, but lacks its own unique branding; apart from the college. 

     An additional portion of this project was a navigation system. This navigation, or wayfinding, system needed to have a simple premise with easy instructions to follow. These instructions would lead people from the downtown area to the museum itself. The solution that was created was a combination of lion imagery on signage, and large, sticker pawprints on the ground. These pawprints would lead away from the signs, and towards CEAM.

     It was important for the branding of CEAM to stand out from other museums and gallery spaces. Many galleries and museums have minimal, font-type logos. CEAM needed to be more visually interesting, so a logo was created to convey a sense of artistry about the space.

Comment Box Signage Mockup

This mockup was created to be used with the comment box system already established in the museum. The box currently has a paper sign, this signage would be made of metal and would hang on the wall.

Men's Restroom Sign Mockup

This signage woud be used as the men’s restroom indicator. These signs, similar to the comment box, would be made of metal; and would be mounted to the restroom door.

Wayfinding Paw System Mockup

This is an overhead look at the wayfinding paw print system, that would lead guests to the museum. These paw prints could be done as stickers or as painted stencils.

Women's Restroom Sign Mockup

This signage woud be used as the women’s restroom indicator. These signs, similar to the comment box, would be made of metal; and would be mounted to the restroom door.

CEAM Logo Sketch 01
CEAM Logo Sketch 02
CEAM Logo Sketch 03
CEAM Logo Sketch 04
CEAM Logo Sketch 05

Additional sketch options and ideas for the Crispt Ellert Art Museum logo. Both lions and other visual imagery associated with St. Augustine, and Flagler College were considered.

Aussie Folklore LOGO

Kookaburra Coffee Enviornmental Campaign

     The Kookaburra, Aussie Folklore Fundraising Campaign was created to help raise funds for the 2020 Australia wildfires. This project was a collaborative team effort with each member of the group taking on different responsibilities within the project. The focus of the project was to raise money for the campaign through physical rewards. The Cryptid blends of coffee would be the main form of fundraising, with the majority of the purchase going to conservation funds. This as well as limited edition prints and stickers would incentivise people to spend money on a cause they might not be very connected to. 

     Headfirst worked to create cryptid illustrations for advertising, concept art for campaign logos, cryptid logos for each coffee blend, wall prints, and the mockups presented in this document. Aspects presented in this book that were created by other members of the collaboration are: patterning for both the packaging and advertising, the campaign logo itself, coffee bag renders, and advertisement composition. Collaborative members of the group include: Ben Becker, Maia Stanton, and Stephanie Harlow.

Gunni Illustration PNG
Yowie Illustration PNG
Bunyip Illustration PNG
Cheshire Cat Logo PNG

Cheshire Cat Custom Garage Branding Project

     Cheshire Cat Customs is an auto body and custom shop located in St. Augustine, Florida. They specialize in auto body work and custom car projects. The brand is well known in the area for their work, but the branding is lacking and in need of a facelift. This project’s goal was to keep the theme and spirit of the original name, while creating a copyright free logo and brand identity for professional use. 

     The most important aspect of the project was the logo. The brand currently uses an image that has potential to land them in trouble legally. It was important to keep the aspects of the brand that appealed to customers such as the character and the whimsical iconography; while creating a logo that was unique to the brand.

Cheshire Cat Window Card

This window card was created as a form of comical advertising. This card can easily be left on a vehicle of any damage level, and could potentially bring in new clients.

Cheshire Cat Billboard Advertisment 01

This is a potential mockup for urban billboard advertising. Urban spaces often have vertical style spaces for advertising. This specific mockup would cater to those spaces.

Disney Villains Vineyard Logo PNG

Disney Villain Vineyards Branding Project

     The Villains Vineyard wine collection is a series of different wine blends that use some of Disney’s most iconic villains for inspiration. The project combines adult indulgences with nostalgia, and creates a positive association for the consumer. The product could easily appeal to a variety of different demographics.

     A focus of the campaign is the aesthetic appeal of the bottles themselves. Capturing the imagery of the villains themselves creates an easily recognizable bottle on store shelves, and entices new consumers to check out the product. With a different kind of blend for every type of wine enthusiast the Villains Vineyard can cater to a large audience.

Foster's Wildlife Reserve Logo PNG

Foster’s Wildlife Reserve Educational Program

     Foster’s Wildlife Reserve is an educational game experience designed for children ages 5-15. The educational game application teaches kids a variety of different things about animals. For example: kids can join up on a late night safari and use their search light to identify species! 

    It was critical for Foster’s to have an approachable design both physically and aesthetically, due to its age demographic. The color pallete was a key factor in setting the tone for the game. Adventure and wonder were the focus of the design goals; the greens and blues of the jungle fit nicely with those ideas. 

     Keeping the games simple yet engaging was another important design consideration. The design is created to hold a child’s attention, and keep them occupied with the application. This was done to make children feel like they are just playing a game, while they learn.

This gallery progresses through multiple screens and activities for the Foster’s Wildlife Reserve Application. Starting with the application icon, and ending with the applications field notebook.

Redbull Fuel Your Creativity Logo PNG

Red Bull Fuel Your Creativity Campaign

     Creating an advertising campaign for Redbull is a unique and exciting challenge. The brand’s advertising is known to be comical and clever, as well as aesthetically sketchy and unrefined. It was important to keep the advertising campaign within those guidelines, while still innovating for a new audience.

     Redbull is well known for its advertising and marketing to both athlete and student groups, but a large demographic of Redbull users get overlooked in their ads. The target audience of this campaign is best described as “creatives”. Known for keeping late hours and procrastinating deadlines, creatives are a perfect group for Redbull to start advertising to. Most creatives are big consumers of caffeine, everything from coffee to energy drinks. With no other energy drink currently targeting this demographic, Redbull could become the dominant force in this space with this campaign.

Red Bull ad featuring Albrecht Dürer
Red Bull ad featuring Gustave Courbet
Red Bull ad featuring Frida Kahlo
Red Bull ad featuring Vincent Van Gough
Polar Promise Logo PNG

Polar Promise Enviornmental Campaign

     The Polar Promise environmental project is a campaign created for both the Amway Center and the Orlando Solar Bears. Environmentalism is an ever increasing factor in consumer selection, and many stadiums are taking their own green initiatives. This campaign would be featured throughout the Amway and surrounding area, advertising their commitment to reduce their environmental impact. 

     This campaign would also draw more attention to the Solar Bears themselves. Their team concept is a natural pairing for an environmental campaign, and a good way for Orlando Magic basketball fans to hear more about their local pro hockey team.

Polar Promise Poster 3
Polar Promise Poster 2
Polar Promise Poster 1
Solar Bears Polar Promise Variant Jersey