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Recent Projects

Romantic Wedding River Photo

This photo was taken as part of a wedding ceremony photo shoot. The small wedding was held off the side of a trail in Gaitlinburg Tenesee.

Total Postnatal Product Image

This image was shot as part of a complete amazon storfront update for Pink Stork. This and a number of other similar images were composed, shot and edited by us to bring a cohesive feel to the page and brand.

Olde Towne Tattoo Image

Old Towne Tattoo shop owner, Daaron working with a client. This image was part of a series shot for the shop; used in their social media and marketing.

Brennan Lee Mulligan Vector Illustration

An origianal vector illustration of Breenan Lee Mulligan; host of popular actual play show “Dimension 20” and former member of college humor.

Hades Wine Bottle Mockup

Origianl concept wine bottle mockup, “Disney Villains Vineyard”. Inspired by Disney property villains and antagonists. Not officially affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. 


About Us

Headfirst Design was created in October of 2020 by A. Bryce Banken. Our goal is to serve customers creative needs in a variety of different situations. We dive head-in to every project we take on with passion and determination. Creative design can be hard, we strive to make it easier for your ideas to come to life.


Headfirst was founded first as a photography compnay under the name “Banken Photography”. With almost 4 years of professional workplace experience, as well as an additional 6 years freelance contracting; Headfirst is ready and capable to handle any photography project you might have.


Headfirst currently consists of our resident artist A Bryce Banken. Bryce graduated from Flagler College with a four year degree in Graphic Design. Throughout the graphic design program at Flagler College are many practical design opportunities, which Bryce has worked as part of professional design teams. Designing for both S.A.F.E. St. Augustine, and Kookaburra Coffee co.

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